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More Than an IncomeTax Return,

It’s About Peace of Mind

Most of our clients started their adults lives simply; all their financial information fit into one box. Life was good. Everything they owned was in one safe place. That made them feel secure. They knew which decisions were the right decisions. Time passed, they collected more things, and added more boxes. Life was still good, but became less simple.

When our clients come to us, their world is in many boxes and they cannot see their big picture anymore. They do not know if all the pieces of their financial world are working together for their unique situation. Their financial world is not simple anymore. They want a box big enough to hold everything in one place again. With our Premier Tax CFO service, they can.

Your World, Simple Again
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For nearly thirty years, we have listened carefully to what our clients asked of us. What we learned is that you want more than just the annual filing of your tax return. You want a financial advocate who sees your entire vision with you, working to fit all the pieces of your complex financial world together.

For over 10 years, we have worked to assemble the systems, technology, and implementation teams to provide you with the holistic tax solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and professional guidance delivered through our Premier Tax CFO service.

What our clients say about using our Premier Tax CFO service means more than anything we could tell you about it ourselves. We hope that when you read our clients’ reports that you’ll see how it can work for you.

“I am pleased to tell you I was able to complete the personal financial statement using Premier Tax CFO!!!!  Boy, having that information at my fingertips (literally!) is a godsend.  Thank you for an important tool you have made available to your clients.”

Michelle C.